About Us

Joe Berglund and his wife.

Hi. I'm Joe.

I work on the business, and my wife works on the cards.
We sell quality handmade greeting cards exclusively through our own website. Having no physical storefront keeps our overhead low. 

One of the most unique things about us is the great emphasis we place on building good relationships. We took great care in our choices for who we do business with. This is a big part of the reason you will not find us on social networks, handmade marketplaces, or even offering the typical checkout/payment experience. 

No Short-Cuts

Every detail of our business is built with excellence through-and-through.

Our website is hosted with a quality American company big enough to prove capable, smart enough to own their own servers, yet small enough to care about the people they serve. 

Our payment processor was chosen for their integrity and shared values with us.
Photo of a silhouetted fruit tree along the shore of Lake Agnes in Alexandria MN.

God Bless America

When you purchase handmade greeting cards from Berglund Creative, you are supporting a true American business meticulously built from the ground up without compromises.


"I love the cards! They are beautifully designed and high quality. I appreciate the care you put into each one!"

— David Iverson

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