How to Say Goodbye to a Snowman

How to Say Goodbye to a Snowman

2024-02-14 Just For Fun

The arrival of spring is just around the corner here in Minnesota, so it's time we address what is likely the most stressful aspect to the season change -- saying goodbye to snowmen.

One might assume the stress comes from the departure of snowmen, but in-depth psychological studies done by some really super-duper important people that always know what they're talking about revealed something surprising!

Most among those surveyed confessed the biggest stress associated with the arrival of spring is actually because they don't know the most appropriate way to address snowmen departures.

Is it a tragedy or cause for celebration? Is it something permanent or just a temporary thing?

If a snowman departure is a tragedy, who do you send a sympathy card to? If it's a time for celebration, what's the most socially acceptable way to honor it? 

And then there's the incredibly heavy question of whether a get well card should be sent to the snowman during his final days...

Snowman Get Well Soon Greeting Card by Berglund Creative

The verdict is still out on all of these concerns. Perhaps you can weigh in on the matter -- comment below!

Even if you don't, I hope you're laughing as much right now as I imagined you would during the writing process for this post!

It's been fun! Until next time...

- Joe

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