Our Word is Everything to Us

Our Word is Everything to Us

2024-02-26 inspiration

One of the key priorities of Berglund Creative LLC is to stand behind what we say and not just offer "fluff" (empty words that don't mean anything).

As a man approaching 20 years experience in a lifetime marriage covenant, I've learned more than a few things about making my word mean something (my wife too). 

This starts with us -- with our word being everything to us. Instead of telling you about our values, we aim to show you.

For starters, we went out of our way to find a reputable hosting service. This website is hosted through an outstanding American hosting company called MediaServe.

Learn more about MediaServe and allow us to receive a referral commission from them if you sign up for hosting (at no extra cost to you).

But we didn't stop there.

While Wordpress is widely considered the "industry standard", we didn't want our site built with it because it's clunky, and we personally don't like the organization behind it.

There are plenty of other alternatives, but none seemed to offer the capabilities and ease of use we needed.

Our quest for a better platform seemed hopeless!

But then Will (from MediaServe) suggested I give Kopage a try, and we were all blown away by it's ease of use and remarkable capabilities! This entire website was built by your's truly (me) entirely with Kopage.

DID YOU KNOW? MediaServe's own website was also built entirely with Kopage.

Finally, we needed a way to receive payments for online orders.

Many scoffed at our "unrealistic" dream of a payment processor that aligned with our values. Undeterred, I decided to pay our local bank a visit since they've proven to be exceptionally awesome over the years!

Our local bank is fully owned & operated by neighbors we personally know, and they introduced us to a payment processing solution they offered called AutoBooks online invoicing.

It took a bit of ingenuity, but we figured it out and absolutely love the results!

You can view a video on Rumble that goes over our story and shares our heart 


By now, you should have a good idea of what we're all about. I'd love the pleasure of getting acquainted with you! Please feel free to reach out either in the comments below or through our Contact page.

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