Say I Love You to Your Wife with an Impact

Say I Love You to Your Wife with an Impact

2024-03-12 inspiration

Let's face it, many husbands think greeting cards are a "necessary evil" because they're not "good at them" but their wives expect them so they are unavoidable.

If you relate to that, I have good news for you today because I'm going to show you how to get GOOD at greeting cards for your wife!


This morning, I woke up and began my day with a yearning to stay in bed beside my wife -- but I couldn't. Serving her demanded I get up and go to work.

But she needs to know about this inner conflict! As a man, we easily pass this off and move on from the tension because it serves no purpose to us -- we move on and diffuse the negative emotion of it.

But before we forget about it, we need to capture it because it's VERY useful to connecting with our wives!

I quickly found a blank greeting card and wrote the following inside it:

"Today started rough... I wanted to stay in bed with you, but I love you -- so I got started on the day anyway. I promise, I'll do all I can to survive the day ahead, but it's gonna be rough since I really just want to be with you!"

This might sound really weak and sappy, but these are the important details you wife needs to hear from you, and she'll see you as a strong man for it!

Truthfully, this furthers the cause of showing your strength if you think about it -- acting on your conviction instead of merely how you feel... you get up and get going even though you feel like staying put.

(Don't be surprised if she honors your suffering at some point in the future.)

As a man, it might not feel like suffering to us since we quickly diffuse the emotions (we're quite good at this).

Suffering to a man looks like enduring physical pain or total rejection, NOT feeling a certain way and then moving forward in what we need to do.

We do what we need to despite how we feel in the moment hundreds of times a day -- it's just another pebble on the beach to us. Emotions have to be quite strong to trip us up.


I hope this helps. Feel free to take a look through the cards we have -- it's never a bad idea to have a few on hand for moments like this!

Until next time... 

- Joe

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