The Best Places to Buy Easter Cards in Alexandria, MN

The Best Places to Buy Easter Cards in Alexandria, MN

2024-03-21 guides

There are a few options when it comes to buying Easter cards in Alexandria, MN. The most obvious are mega retail stores, dollar stores, and downtown boutiques. 

The advantage to the aforementioned are that when you find a card you like, you can buy it and take it with you right away. The disadvantage is that you have to visit the physical location to shop. 

Another less obvious option is online marketplace platforms, but you lose some (or often, all) of the local connection. Even if the artist is based in Alexandria, MN; the payment processor and platform is not. Some of the money you spend goes to large entities.

The best option could be to shop Berglund Creative's online store. You can shop from anywhere with an internet connection since we only sell through our website.

All of our cards are handmade by a local greeting card artist, and our payment processor is also right here where we are!

The money you spend with us stays right here in the local economy. We even offer FREE local delivery to locations in Alexandria, MN -- so you don't have to visit a physical place to have quality, locally made Easter cards!

Learn more in another recent blog post about how our word means everything to us. I hope this helps you -- if it does, please spread the word about us! 

Thanks! - Joe

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